Katabasia is a symbol, a label, and a name of the information environment that includes an eponymous website, a VK group, and several chats and communities on other services.

Katabasia is a countercultural information flow communicated by a group of journalists, artists, publicists, and musicians, which is dedicated to Art, Occultism, Psychedelia, and the study of social stigmatization and taboo.

Above all, Katabasia is a metaphor of the supreme forces descending to the underworld. This is the metaphor that unites us all in the idea of the search of the ways to destroy the Black Iron Prison – the symbol of fundamental Ignorance fettering minds and causing the tyranny of the laws that control the society, the human nature, and even the reality itself.

According to our myth, the fetters of the Black Iron Prison can be cast off only through Knowledge and finding fellows for collaborative exploration of the self and the world, and bringing something new to the world. We do not consider this Knowledge to be arcane and beyond the reach of the ‘simple minds’ – on the contrary, its fire secretly glows in the hearts of all prisoners of this world, whether they know it or not yet. The sparks of this fire dispel the darkness of Ignorance.

Our mission (and yours!) consists in collecting these sparks, materialized in the works of great thinkers, creators, and enthusiasts, and delivering them to the lower, less illuminated planes of the psychogeographic domain.

We are you. You are us. We are doing this because we cannot do otherwise. We make no claim for mentorship or absolute truth, but experimentally explore a range of tracks that lead towards the Ineffable. And in our lifelong journey, we are committed to looking for fellow travelers that would keep us company, learning from us and letting us learn from them.

With this in mind, we tend the fire in the lighthouse at the crossing at these tracks, to attract the like-minded. Every day over the past five years, we have been creating and developing Katabasia, through which we make artistic statements and build a communication network within the Russian-speaking counter-culture community.

We hope that our activity will make a difference for you, confidant. We hope that it will inspire you to join our ranks, and there will be more of us in this desert of the reality. And once we will meet at the lower depths to crush the gates of Hell, bringing the unspeakable freedom upon all its prisoners.

Let the descending light reach the bottom of the darkness!