The one who owns the stick: an interview with Alaxis Andreas G.


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What was your main inspi­ra­tion when you were young? What kind of music, idea, or activ­i­ties shaped your per­son­al­i­ty? And who/what is impor­tant to you today?

Draw­ing was my prin­ci­pal inter­est. I liked to tell fan­tas­tic and epic sto­ries to my broth­ers and friends… I knew how to give dif­fer­ent colours to the words and shared mag­i­cal moments with my audi­ence. Draw­ing and writ­ing are the same thing. They depend on the line made by the one who owns the feath­er. I loved the heroes who are called to become King at the end of the story…And I always strong­ly believed in it. The For­est was my main inspi­ra­tion. I often imag­ined a small Celtic vil­lage that was attacked by ene­mies, strangers, crea­tures… I defend­ed my wife, my fam­i­ly but often I died …and came back again and again! I played alone for hours and hours with my wood­en sword or my pre­cious stick. I always loved the sticks. And my last name, Gand, has a Nordic ori­gin: Gan­dulf. It means the «one who owns the stick»! …mean­ing «the pas­tor», of course. And it’s fun­ny to know that J. R. R. Tolkien (who was a lin­guist and an ini­ti­at­ed man) has been inspired by this name to cre­ate his well-known magi­cian and pas­tor: Gan­dalf!

Con­cern­ing music, I dis­cov­ered the Ger­man band Kraftwerk when I was very young! My father had the vinyl records. It was so strange! All these abstract sounds! Some years lat­er, when I was 12 years old, I prob­a­bly dis­cov­ered my sec­ond source of inspi­ra­tion: John Car­pen­ter. In my mind, Kraftwerk and Car­pen­ter were the per­fect com­posers for the sto­ries I cre­at­ed and drew.

At this peri­od, I spent my time in my par­ents’ garage to record my first tapes! Today, what is impor­tant to me is the recall of all these things that makes them still present and tan­gi­ble! My val­ues are still the same! Noth­ing has changed. The forms change with the ages, not what is behind. Nature, Poet­ry, Wild Life, heroes and God… and the iscel­la­neous use­ful sto­ries told by «the Ancient» like a unique tes­ti­mo­ny (always the same weft behind the «mask»!), for the Recall of every­one, for the Return to the Source «Mimir» (accord­ing to the Nordic tra­di­tion, reflect of the unique Tra-dition), for the access to the King­dom.

Why do you seem to be so obsessed with con­stant­ly chang­ing nick­names, what does anonymi­ty mean to you?

Anonymi­ty is Life. Life is Mys­tery. Mys­tery is Cre­ation. «Art of Music» is a part of this Cre­ation (accord­ing to the Orphic tra­di­tion): Being can’t name being.  Only what is behind the names, the colours, and the forms (in short, the sen­su­al world…) counts for the true Artist!


What’s the sto­ry behind the Inva­sion Planète Record­ings label, what was its goal or pur­pose?

Inva­sion Planète Record­ings is an acci­dent. «Acci­dent», this word is near of «Occi­dent». We all need to go to this direc­tion: Occi­dent… before going to the Eter­nal Ori­ent! It was my nec­es­sary work: Alchem­i­cal «Oeu­vre au noir»…

What were you doing between 2005 and 2010, when you seem­ing­ly dis­ap­peared, was it some­thing of impor­tance?

Yes, it was and still IS. I stopped every­thing! I said «good­bye» to my old world, to the «Inva­sion Planète» friends…They could­n’t under­stand. It was the Call­ing for me! I knew I will not come back to them. They were sad… Not me, because all this sit­u­a­tion was so nat­ur­al… and pow­er­ful! It was the time to leave, to die… to defin­i­tive­ly «go». I was… 33 years old!  I joined my real broth­er­hood (fam­i­ly). And we went on «la route des étoiles»: Way of St James, Com­postel­la. And I learned… I learned to LOVE! Love is the only hero­ical road to the King­dom! A key to meet the real «God» and «his angels». And peo­ple thought I turned crazy… If peo­ple were less ori­ent­ed toward the exte­ri­or things, if they stud­ied our great Chris­tic tra­di­tion (not «catholic», I  vol­un­tar­i­ly say: «Chris­tic» accord­ing to the Greek tra­di­tion) instead of being «men­tal», they will under­stand what is the sense of » a new tes­ti­mo­ny», they eas­i­ly will under­stand what I am talk­ing about, and what is the Tra-dition of every things on Earth… But as we say in France: «il n’y a que les ini­tiés qui com­pren­nent» and «il né faut pas don­ner des per­les aux pourceaux»!

I lived (and still live) far away from the deca­dent peo­ple and their big Baby­lon cities, far away from the phan­tasms of their igno­rance, far away from the Judas” sons… But actu­al­ly, I admit, the dan­ger­ous Judas” kiss is, for me, a sweet hon­ey! I laugh.


How did it hap­pen that you start­ed doing a “neo­folk” thing (Shiny Black Mat­ter) with its wide occult and her­met­ic back­ground?

I always loved folk music! My mater­nal grand­fa­ther did it, sim­ply… with har­mon­i­ca. I like blues very much, too! With no instru­ments, black peo­ple can do incred­i­ble things! Absolute min­i­mal music, expres­sion of their suf­fer­ing soul… a tes­ti­mo­ny. Quin­tes­sence de l’Art!

I can say my first «ori­ent­ed folk» works were for La Séduc­tion Des Inno­cents but also for the remix of «My pret­ty girl» of the Actor (80’s band) I did with my broth­er V‑Y (Swe­sor Bhrater):

Shiny Black Mater («Mater» with one T, mean­ing «Moth­er» in Latin) is about my alchem­i­cal part… And each tracks is very pow­er­ful for those who can under­stand what is the «black Mater» which we have to love, to know… and to trans­mute before our phys­i­cal death in this life: «Can­tique des can­tiques»!

Bru­ta Non Cal­cu­lant sounds obvi­ous­ly dif­fer­ent from the music that you cre­at­ed in the past. What does this project mean to you?

This project is the result of 10 years of my life… «Bru­ta Non Cal­cu­lant» is a Latin expres­sion. It means «the raw stone is as beau­ti­ful as the dia­mond»: when you are the Beast (with con­scious, Light), you are the Best (in her­metism, words are nev­er haz­ardous)… Bru­ta Non Cal­cu­lant is an assumed pop­u­lar project for enlight­ened minds…or not! No mat­ter (ehe! …no more «mat­ter» at the end)! Bru­ta Non Cal­cu­lant is all that I am… and maybe what WE are. It’s uni­ver­sal. Body and Mind trans­port­ed by the Spir­it found in the Unique Instant of Cre­ation… Instinc­tive music with sev­er­al ranges, lev­els of lis­ten­ing and under­stand­ing.


You pub­lished the track «Wo Rauch ist, ist auch Feuer» short­ly after the trag­ic event in France with Char­lie Heb­do. Are you inter­est­ed in cur­rent pol­i­tics? And if so, what is your atti­tude?

Yes, I con­fess. Some­times, I am still reac­tive (sco­ria from my «first mat­ter»). Nobody’s per­fect! These events are total­ly sched­uled by the «mon­di­al­ist lead­ers», the «inter­na­tionale clique», of ourse! I hate the cur­rent soci­eties! Tra­di­tion is not respect­ed. And they (those who know the rules, mason­ry, gov­ern­men­tal sects, etc…) use the nat­ur­al cyclic laws for their own prof­it. No one is over me («me», here, is not the expres­sion of my ego but must be under­stood as «I»). No one is over Knowl­edge. Knowl­edge is for every­one. Knowl­edge is every­body. When I saw all these polit­i­cal, intel­lec­tu­al, philo­soph­i­cal prob­lems around the world gen­er­at­ed by some «men in black»… I saw always the same peo­ple behind! THEY HAVE NO LEGITIMACY! Their reign is OVER.

I per­fect­ly know the secret rules behind the appear­ances of this world… And it’s a shame: a group of ani­mal-humans uses them against the rest of the cre­ation. It’s not a rev­e­la­tion!  Right or left… they are the same ban­dits! They did it for mil­len­ni­ums! I am total­ly a‑politic! Politic is for the igno­rant. The only one I respect and fol­low is the KING, my Father… Actu­al­ly, the Jew­ish politic is behind all the mon­di­al­ist acts… I am against this «old expres­sion of God»! I repeat they have no legit­i­ma­cy, right now!

Sen­ti­men­tal­i­ty and the emo­tions are the patholo­gies of the chaos!


Occult and spir­i­tu­al themes – are they just an aes­thet­ic frame for your art, or are you liv­ing under some “prin­ci­ples” and/or using some spe­cial prac­tices?

Aes­thet­ic is not impor­tant. This word is a syn­onym of «men­tal cal­cu­la­tion». «Beau­ty» is the word. Beau­ty is the expres­sion of the Order, expres­sion of Har­mo­ny, expres­sion of God: «the Archi­tect of the Uni­verse». «Occult themes» means noth­ing… «Occult», «eso­teric» are words mean­ing :«hid­den». What is «hid­den», in your mind? We can’t prac­tice «occultism» or «eso­ter­ism»! It’s a false road! All these things are «phi­los­o­phy», no more. We can’t prac­tice «meta-physique»… because «meta-phys­i­cal» is what we are liv­ing, each instant! We just can par­tic­i­pate in «the flow», with a strong knowl­edge of the sym­bols around to get, years after years, the per­fect vision of the cyclic laws man­i­fest­ed! The Ancients cre­at­ed runes, ogham, some spe­cif­ic «charged» lan­guages etc… to trans-late (trans-put) the flow in the mat­ter! A kind of Recall for the oth­ers! The real Druid, the Shaman (not new age!), the Mason, the Rosi-cru­cian etc… did their «trans-lation» of the «divine ani­fes­ta­tion» by com­pas­sion for the mankind. They are inter­me­di­aries between the world of the dead and the world of light, between Moon and Sun, Hell and Par­adise… The only prac­tice is: LOVE, always! And it’s a real­ly a strong work! The rest is for the Judas” sons who sell their soul…

What do you think about the occult knowl­edge and the inter­est in the hid­den side of exis­tence revived by the Inter­net in the mod­ern world? Is there any chance for magi­cians today?

Knowl­edge is every­where for those who know! But only an enlight­ened con­scious can say that! There is no inter­est for me in the Inter­net! Vir­tu­al is not real. «Spec­u­la­tive» is not «Oper­a­tive»! The Inter­net is a good thing as a tool of com­mu­ni­ca­tion (its first «mil­i­tary» func­tion, by the way), no more… The Inter­net is also a good way to trade mis­cel­la­neous ideas con­cern­ing art, for exam­ple, or… to pre­pare a good meal!!!

Being a magi­cian means noth­ing! Do you know Simon’s sto­ry, in the Bible? He was a magi­cian.


What music are you lis­ten­ing to these days?

Some of my favorite artists still turn­ing on my turntable: Sieben, Moon­Dog, Swe­sor Bhrater, Wer­kraum, John­ny Cash, Andrew King, Jim Mor­ri­son, Death in June, Nathaniel Robin Mann, John Car­pen­ter, Kraftwerk…

Do you feel like a part of some move­ment and if so, in which direc­tion does it move?

No. Except the move­ment of my wild soul in her for­est! Music that com­bines indus­tri­al, neo­folk, min­i­mal ana­log elec­tro-nics, main­ly record­ed live, with­out midi?.. I am alone in this way. And this is our last direc­tion >

What are your per­son­al and cre­ative plans for the future?

The new Bru­ta Non Cal­cu­lan­t’s album is ready. It is titled «INSTINCT». It will be avail­able in May 2015. It will be pro­duced by Sieben and Black House­’s label: Dark Vinyl (Ger­many). It will be a pure piece of art, 14 tracks, CD digi­pack, 3 pan­els, lim­it­ed to 300,  with orig­i­nal paint­ings from one of my French friends: Armel Jul­lien > I will release the Swe­sor Bhrater’s debut album on my new label: Hiéra­tique records. And after the Russ­ian per­for­mances, I will imme­di­ate­ly go to my «San France Disko Stu­dio» to pre­pare the Hüt­te’s debut album.

What names from Rus­sia are impor­tant to you?

Rus­sia gave me some signs, and some names in time! I could say I am strong­ly linked to the artist Nico­las Roerich (revealed to me in 2005) and to the book titled: «The Way of a Pil­grim»… My wife Kat­ja has a great inter­est in the Russ­ian painters such as: Ilya Repine, Niko­laï Gay, Ivan Kram­skoï… (She counts on the Arc­to Pro­mo team to lead us to the Tre­ti­akov gallery, dur­ing our stay in Moscow!) She is a painter: Arc­to Pro­mo is an impor­tant name too ! Arthur/Artus and his twelve knights, Christ and his twelve dis­ci­ples, «the great bear» turn­ing around «Artos»… the Arc­to rep­re­sent the Star, the Nordic one! The only one: AXIS MUNDI.
Join­ing the Axis the day of East­er 2015, it’s a good sym­bol… effi­cient for every­one!

Do you believe in the end of the world?

And you? Gol­go­tha and its mys­ter­ies…


[русский перевод]

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